Product Specifications For 150KW Biomass Gas Generator

Short Description:

NS series products use SDEC Power base gas engine.

Engine’s gas mixture system, ignition and control system are independently matched and optimized by NPT, which are reliable and durable.

This series of products have excellent power performance, economy, reliability and low operating cost, which are deeply loved by users.

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Generator Set Specifications

Genset Model 150GFT - J1
Structure integrated
Exciting Method AVR Brushless
Rated Power ( kW/kVA ) 150/187.5
Rated Current ( A ) 270
Rated Voltage ( V ) 230/400
Rated Frequency ( Hz ) 50/60
Rated Power Factor 0.8 LAG
No Load Voltage Range 95% ~ 105%
Stable Voltage Regulation Rate ≤±1%
Instantaneous Voltage Regulation Rate ≤-15% ~ +20%
Voltage Recover Time ≤3 S
Voltage Fluctuation Rate ≤±0.5%
Instantaneous Frequency Regulation Rate ≤±10%
Frequency Stabilization Time ≤5 S
Line-voltage Waveform Sinusoidal Distortion Rate ≤2.5%
Overall Dimension ( L*W*H ) ( mm ) 3400*1300*1800
Net Weight ( kg ) 2560
Noise dB ( A ) <93
Overhaul Cycle ( h ) 25000

Engine Specifications

Model NS118D17TL ( Benz Technology )
Type Inline, 4 strokes, electric control ignition, pre-mixed and  turbocharged inter-cooled lean burn.
Cylinder Number 6
Bore*Stroke ( mm ) 128*153
Total Displacement ( L ) 11.813
Rated Power ( kW ) 170
Rated Speed ( r/min ) 1500/1800
Fuel Type Biomass gas
Oil (L) 23

Control Panel

Model 150KZY, NPT brand
Display Type Multi-function LCD display
Control Module HGM9320 or HGM9510, Smartgen brand
Operation Language English


Model XN274G
Brand XN ( Xingnuo )
Shaft Single bearing
Rated Power ( kW/kVA ) 150/187.5
Enclosure Protection IP23
Efficiency ( % ) 92.2

Main Features

(1) It is widely used. The utility model has the advantages of convenient sanitation, time and material saving, energy saving and high efficiency.

(2) Environmental protection, no pollution. Reduce smoke emission and purify air quality.

(3) The gas making speed is fast. The equipment is easy to operate, safe and reliable.

(4) During the normal operation of the device, there is no waste residue, waste liquid, corrosion, noise, pollution and disturbance

(5) The sources of raw materials used in gas production are wide

(6) The equipment has no gas storage tank and can be connected with natural gas, pipeline gas and wet biogas.

(7) The bio methane produced by the unique operation control technology (TKY) of this equipment can increase the maximum power of internal combustion engine by more than 28-40%. If it is used for power generation, the power generation can be increased, and the energy saving effect is obvious

(8) The main equipment is unattended.

(9) The cost of biogas production is 0.32 yuan / m3 (including raw materials, equipment depreciation, labor cost, management cost, etc.), so the cost of biogas production is low.

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