Pre-Sale Service

1.Provide technical parameters and related consulting services of gas generator Sets .

2.Help Customers to choose the right installed capacity and model according to the facilities of user projects, and guide the design of generator room .

3.According to the user’s specific use situation,design and provide a variety of gas generator sets supporting equipment, such as Soundproof cabinet, waste heat recovery system, etc .

After-Sale Service

1. Instructions for equipment operation and maintenance are attached 

2. Provide On-Site Or On-line guidance to users for gas generator installation and free commissioning .

3. Train operators for users at site and cooperate with users in gas generator acceptance .

4. Tracking service : establishing customer files, regular return visit and inspection and regular understanding of customer usage .

5. Telephone and Internet 24-hour online service .

6. Call back within 2 hours after receiving the repair report to help customers solve problems .

7. Engineers can arrive at the site for maintenance within 24 hours in the province and 48 hours in China or negotiate with customers about the maintenance time . Truly achieve humanized service .

8. International service, first communicate with customers to negotiate service time, and arrive at the site to solve gas generator problems for customers as soon as possible .