Optional Accessories

  • Exhaust gas heat exchanger specifications and models
  • Gas treatment equipment

    Gas treatment equipment

    no pollution

    environmentally friendly


  • High cyclone fan

    High cyclone fan

    Gas is sucked into High Pressure Fan is from the gas inlet port then it enters the side channel. 

  • Optional Accessories

    Optional Accessories

    Dry desulfurization is a simple, efficient, and relatively low-cost desulfurization method. It is generally suitable for desulfurization of biogas with a small amount of biogas and low hydrogen sulfide concentration. The basic principle of the equipment for dry removal of hydrogen sulfide (H2S) from biogas gas is a method in which O2 oxidizes H2S to sulfur or sulfur oxides, which can also be called dry oxidation. The composition of the dry process equipment is to put filler in a container, and the filler layer includes activated carbon, iron oxide, etc.