R & D Capability

Why Choose Us?

Our team has been engaged in the R & D of gas power products for more than 30 years in China’s famous large engine manufacturing enterprises;

Has participated in research and development projects in the field of gas power, and won awards for scientific and technological progress issued by governments at all levels;

In 2000, presided over and completed the research and development and marketing of biogas generator set, a famous anaerobic fermentation project in domestic breeding industry;

In 2002, presided over and completed the design, commissioning and operation service of domestic 3MW biogas power generation project;

In 2008. NPT has been established and obtained a number of gas power patents;

So far, brilliant achievements has been made, it has made brilliant achievements in the field of domestic gas power;

NPT company has many engineers with more than 30 years working experience in the field of gas engine and generator

R & D team can carry out specialized product design and suggestions according the user’s requirements;

Combustion simulation calculation;

Computer simulation;

Technology Capability

Key components are manufactured by 3D printing, which greatly shortens the R & D cycle;

It has advanced power test instruments, simulates the user’s use conditions, and strictly supervises the product design and production as well as the experimental test process;

Engine: establish win-win strategic cooperation relationship with domestic well-known engine manufacturers, conduct joint research and development, and commission production. All engines come from production lines of domestic and foreign well-known engine manufacturers;

Key parts: cooperate with many professional research institutions, universities, domestic and foreign famous brand engine manufacturers to keep pace with today’s most advanced gas engine technology, and select and match key parts worldwide;

Engine adopts the gas mixture system, control system and ignition system independently designed and optimized by NPT brand. The engine has a variety of functions such as thin combustion, high-energy ignition, air-fuel ratio control, speed load control, self-adaptation and self-learning.

Gas generator set has many functions such as automatic conversion, grid connection, parallel operation, load distribution, automatic load transfer, etc.